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Works of Milton Babbitt and Mel Powell

(Nonesuch - not currently available)

  • Milton Babbitt: A Solo Requiem, soprano, two pianos
  • Mel Powell: Haiku Songs

Virko Baley

(TNC CD 1087)

  • Dreamtime Suite No. 1, violin, clarinet, piano
  • Orpheus Singing, oboe, string quartet

Valentin Bibik

(TNC 1428)

  • Premonitions, voice, violin, clarinet, piano
  • In the White Night, voice, violin, clarinet, piano
  • Piano Sonatas Nos. 4, 7
  • Two Psalms, voice, violin, clarinet, piano
  • Little Concerto, piano trio
  • Melancholy Cantata, voice, harp, percussion, piano

Henry Cowell: Instrumental, Chamber and Vocal Music 1

(Naxos: A Continuum Portrait 1,#8.559192)*

  • Quartet, flute, oboe, cello, harpsichord
  • Three Anti-Modernist Songs
  • Suite, violin and piano
  • Polyphonica (small orchestra)
  • Irish Suite, string piano, and small orchestra
  • Piano Pieces: Deep Color, Fairy Answer, Fabric, Tiger

Henry Cowell: Instrumental, Chamber and Vocal Music 2

(Naxos: A Continuum Portrait 2,#8.559193)*

  • Set of Five, violin, piano, percussion
  • Two Poems of Catherine Riegger
  • Six Casual Developments, clarinet, piano
  • Homage to Iran, violin, piano, zarb
  • Piano Pieces: The Banshee, Elegy, Euphoria, Piece for Piano (Paris, 1924), Vestiges, What's this

Robert Erickson: Orchestral, Chamber and Vocal Music

(Naxos: A Continuum Portrait 9, #8.559283)*

  • Recent Impressions (chamber orchestra)
  • Two Songs with viola, clarinet, piano
  • High Flyer, solo flute
  • Summer Music, violin and tape

Leonid Hrabovsky

(TNC 1448)

  • And it Will Be, voice, ensemble
  • Concerto Misterioso, ensemble
  • Hlas I, cello
  • Hlas II, bass clarinet
  • Kogda ("When"), voice, ensemble

Charles Ives: Piano, Chamber and Vocal Works

(Naxos: A Continuum Portrait 3, #8.559194)*

  • Three Quarter-Tone Pieces, two pianos
  • Five Take-Offs, piano solo
  • Chamber works: Hallowe'en, Gong on the Hook and Ladder, In Re Con Moto
  • Vocal with ensemble: Soliloquy, The Housatonic at Stockbridge, On the Antipodes, Aeschylus and Sophocles, Sunrise, Remembrance

Leon Kirchner: Chamber Works

(Naxos: A Continuum Portrait 4,  #8.559195)*

  • Duo for Violin and Piano
  • Trio No. 1 for Violin, Cello, Piano
  • Flutings
  • Piano Sonata
  • Triptych for violin and cello

John Anthony Lennon

(CRI CD 599, now available from New World Records)

  • Seven Translations, voice and ensemble
  • Ballade belliss', violin and piano

Tania León

(CRI CD 662, now available from New World Records)

  • Indigena, ten players
  • Parajota Delaté, ensemble

Tania León

(Bridge “Singin’Sepia” #9231)

  • Singin’ Sepia, voice, ensemble

Tania León

(Mutable - New Music for Baritone and Chamber Ensemble - #17528-2)

  • Canto, baritone, ensemble

Lawrence Moss

(Capstone “Miracles” - CPS 8619)

  • Songs of the Earth and Sky, mezzo-soprano, ensemble

Conlon Nancarrow: Orchestral and Chamber Music

(Naxos: A Continuum Portrait 5, #8.559196)*

  • Piece No. 1 for Small Orchestra
  • Piece No. 2 for Small Orchestra
  • Toccata, violin and player piano
  • Trio, clarinet, bassoon and piano
  • String Quartet No. 1
  • Piano, Piano 4-hands: Prelude, Blues, Study No. 15, Tango?, Sonatina

Ruth Crawford Seeger: Vocal and Chamber Music

(Naxos: A Continuum Portrait 6, #8.559197)*

  • Suite for Piano and Winds
  • Sonata for violin and piano
  • Two Ricercari, mezzo-soprano, piano
  • Piano pieces: Preludes 1, 3; Study in Mixed Accents
  • Diaphonic Suites 1(flute), 2 (bassoon, cello)
  • Three Songs (Sandburg), mezzo-soprano, ensemble, small orchestra

Roberto Sierra: New Music With a Caribbean Accent

(Naxos: A Continuum Portrait 8, #8.559263)*

  • Cinco Bocetos, clarinet
  • Conjuros, soprano, piano
  • Descarga, piano, chamber orch.
  • Glosa a la Sombra, voice, viola, clarinet, piano
  • Trio Tropical, violin, cello, piano
  • Vestigios Rituales, 2 pianos

Roberto Sierra “Turner” Chamber Music of Roberto Sierra

(New Albion NA135)

  • Turner, ensemble
  • Trio No.2, violin, cello, piano
  • 2X3, two pianos
  • Sonata for Cello and Piano
  • Cancionero Sefardí, soprano, ensemble

Virgil Thomson: Vocal and Chamber Music

(Naxos: A Continuum Portrait 7, #8.559198)*

  • Synthetic Waltzes
  • Sonata for Violin and Piano
  • Campion Songs, with clarinet, viola, and harp
  • Voice, piano: Two by Marianne Moore; Praises and Prayers

Stefan Wolpe

(Nonesuch - not currently available)

  • Enactments for Three Pianos
  • From Here On Farther
  • Second Piece for Violin Alone

Forthcoming on TNC:

  • Music of Oleg Felzer

*Originally recorded for Musical Heritage Society 

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